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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How fast are the karts?
A. Our adult karts go 30 MPH.

Q. Do you run electric karts or gas karts?
A. Our adult and kid karts are gas-powered. Many of our customers prefer the “real feel” of gas karts over electric karts. Our gas karts are lighter, have better response and handling, and can run longer races than our competitor’s electric karts. Nothing says racing more than hearing the roar of the engine as you pull out of the pits!

Q. Is a driver’s license required to race at Fastkart?
A. Drivers are not required to show a driver’s license. Drivers who are 16 and older, with a valid driver’s license, may sign their own waiver. Drivers who are under 18 years old, and without a valid driver’s license, must have a legal parent/guardian sign a waiver prior to racing. Fastkart may require ID/proof-of-age to ensure drivers meet age/training requirements.

Q. Does the parent/guardian need to be present for every child?
A. No, but waivers must be signed by a legal parent/guardian prior to racing. We have a printable waiver on our website, a QR code to scan and fill out on your phone, or a “quick text” that sends an online link as available options. Text the word Fastkart to 85775 for that link.

Q. What does the race fee include? Do I have to purchase equipment or a license?
A. Unlike our competitors, Fastkart pricing includes everything needed to get out on track. Race equipment, safety instruction, lap time printouts, and taxes are all included in your race fee. Fastkart does not have a mandatory license fee for first-time drivers. We do, however, offer an optional membership card that offers race discounts and access to special events.

Q. How many laps are your races?
A. 10-Minute Sessions: 18-22 Laps
15-Minute Sessions: 30-35 Laps
40 Lap Race is approximately 20 minutes. The first person to 40 Laps, the race is over.
60 Lap Race is approximately 30 minutes. The first person to 60 Laps, the race is over.

Q. Do you have two-seat karts so my child can ride with me?
A. Unfortunately, we do not. Fastkart runs high-performance go-karts that are much faster than the family fun center-type karts. Therefore, all our karts are single-seaters.

Q. Do I Need to wear anything special before I race?
A. Closed-toed shoes are the only item that is required. Loose clothing and long hair must be secured before racing. During the winter months, our track area is about 50 degrees. We recommend dressing for the temperature.

Q. Can I bring my own helmet to wear on the track?
A. Yes, you can, if it is DOT certified.

Q. Do you run any competitive racing events?
A. Leagues start in the fall and run until April, you will find the leagues are welcoming and competitive. The best advice for new league racers is this; check your ego, and listen to the tips from the veteran racers. The veterans will be happy to help you get faster!

Q. Do you need a reservation at Fastkart to race?
A. A reservation is not required to race at Fastkart, however, groups of 8 or more, Birthday, and Bachelor/Bachelorette parties all require a reservation.
Reservations are suggested on the weekends.

Q. How do reservations work?
A. A reservation is a guaranteed spot in heat, but still follows the same rules as a walk-in. For example, you need to be in the building for 15-30 minutes (depending on the day of the week) before the reserved time to get ready for the race.

Q. What is the difference between a reservation and an hourly rental?
A. An hourly rental is exclusive use of the building for your group, meaning no other reservations or walk-ins will be accepted for the hour of your rental. Hourly rentals are also only by the hour, typically we do not offer rentals in any other time increments.

Q. How busy is Fastkart?
A. Any day can be busy, typically weekends and Holidays are Fastkart’s busiest times. Rainy wet weather tends to make Fastkart busier than sunny days. It is always recommended to call ahead if you are planning on coming in.

Q. What are the other activities available at Fastkart?
A. We have 4 pool tables, 2 air-hockey tables, and 11 video games. We also have a snack bar, and drinks such as water, pop, and beer.
Please note: We are unable to serve beer to racers prior to their race. No matter how long the wait before your race is. If you are signed up for a race, we will not serve you until your race is over. Once your race is complete, you may have the loser buy the first round.

Q. Fastkart has two 3000 square foot lobbies and a conference room.
A. The conference room holds 30-plus people. Fastkart has space for up 200 guests.

Q. How safe is Fastkart?
A. Fastkart is a driving experience that requires the ability to operate and control the go-kart while driving a challenging course. A participatory sport like; trampolines, skiing/snowboarding, baseball, or football. Fastkart’s experience has proved to be much safer than the activities listed above. Fastkart is not without risk, however. Participate at your own risk.

"This place is so fun! Such a rush! And the staff is great. They make you feel so welcome."

-Heather Johnson

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