Gas Vs. Electric Go Karts

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I have been asked on a few occasions why Fastkart uses Gasoline Powered Go Karts for our indoor go kart operations instead of electric go karts.

Even though there is a great deal of interest in hybrid vehicles and a lot of big brother government force in the direction of electric cars, the fact is, electric go karts cannot do the same amount of work as efficiently as gasoline powered indoor gokarts can.

Electric go karts cost twice as much, weigh twice as much, spend 1.5 minutes on the charger for every minute they run on the track, are no faster than gasoline powered karts, and you need twice as many of them to do the same amount of work as gasoline powered go karts because of the charging requirements of electric karts.

Consider these facts before you write me off:
1. Most Electricty is made by burning Fossil Fuels
2. Rivers are Dammed to Create Electricity
3 Nuclear Reactors are used to Create Electricty
4 Lastly, the sun and wind are used to create a very small percentage of our power

Burning fossil fuel to make electricity is very inefficient.

Juvenile salmon are captured at dams and trucked to the ocean.  This alone costs us millions and millions a year.

Nuclear power plants create waste that is the deadliest substance known to man. Oh' yea, that waste lasts for 25,000 years and there is no safe place to store the waste.

We may get to a point where a lot of our energy come from the sun or fusion reactors but until that time comes gasoline is the most efficient way to operate a go kart track.

Besides, electric go karts are like kissing your sister, you can do it, but it's wrong.